Do you need employees?
Yes. We are pleased about each application of Top salesmen, who are successfully, independently working and high-motivated. You  should be industry experienced; preferred from the range tubing and tubing accessories. We have always need of free commercial agents, who bring along the conditions mentioned.

How are your references?
We have very content customers  in  the range wholesale,  valves  manufacturers, shipyards, plant industry. Just to count a few:

Erzet Handelsgesellschaft GmbH 

Röhrenwerk Kupferdreh, Carl Hamm GmbH

EnBW Kernkraft GmbH, Kernkraftwerk Philippsburg

and many more. 

How long are your average delivery times?
Due to our very broad supplier basis in China we can supply our customers with very short delivery times. The average delivery time amounts from the day of the placing of order up to delivery at our customers, about eight weeks (somewhat dependent on the order volume).

Long delivery times result however regularly at the Chinese New Year celebration in springtimes.

Does the quality of the flanges from china correspond to the European quality?
The flanges supplied by us correspond to the European quality standard and the requirements of the orders are fulfilled completely. We secure this high standard by the fact that we refer our flanges from China exclusively with TÜV certified manufacturers. Beyond that we examine each new production plant in China personally, before we place there an order (audit). Also suppliers, who meet the requirements of this control, are examined regularly personally by us.

Were there nevertheless complaints and if, in which extent?
Due to our careful selection of manufacturers as well as by the regular examinations of the suppliers there are very few complaints. For the steel range the complaint rate amounted in relation to our gross income in the year 2008 was only 0.1 %. Within the stainless steel range the complaint rate is still smaller: In 2008 we had a complaint rate of 0,00 % for this production range.

How are the flanges delivered with us and/or with you?
Usually the ordered commodity will be directly delivered to you in a container, without passing our storage. Also this measure secures the shortness of the delivery time, since thereby the saving of time can be obtained by up to six days. For you as our customer this means that the possibilities for container unloading must be present.

Naturally we offer to you for the case that a directly container unloading is not possible, the possibility to supply the goods to you by truck. In that case we will handle the delivery through our stock against reimbursement of costs. However there are exceptions from this rule also: In case of the first supply of a new supplier from China we let the shipments always run through our stock, in order to convince us personally from the fulfilment of all purchase order requests.

How are the flanges and forgings packed?
The flanges supplied by us are packed cost-neutrally in plywood cases or pallets. When desired we can offer steel cages / boxes against surcharge also as packing units.

Do they exclusively produce in china?
No. We refer our flanges and forgings likewise from India and South Korea and are beyond that always endeavour new supplier markets to open. Apart from the supply of series flanges from Asia we offer also the supply of special and drawing parts, for example for the nuclear power range, which must meet special high technical requirements. For these parts we refer the material in Germany and accomplish the manufacturing in Germany.

Does your enterprise have a product liability insurance?
Yes, naturally our company has a product liability insurance. However we stated in the past that frequently over extent of liability mistakes exist. If a flange should be defective, the commodity value is naturally replaced. Costs installation and removal are reimbursable only if negligence or resolution to the manufacturer is to be accused. Appraisal costs are not refunded by the product liability insurance.

Can we order only full container units with you?
No, within the stainless steel range we can already offer to you starting from a weight of three tons. For special parts within the steel range we accept orders starting from a weight of about 10 tons. However because of the increased costs within the bulk range in the case of orders of these quantities an addition of LCL costs develops.

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