Dear customers, suppliers and partners,
surely you been  captured from the hectic and busy spirit that prevails at the end, too.
The focus is  faced foward, strategies for the coming year are developed , aims are defined , sales figures are targeted. Bigger, faster, more successful – all the more because 2015 was marked by a stagnant economic situation. Almost without exception there was great dissatisfaction with the current market situation
Therefore, it is good and right,  to start motivated and ambitious with big goals and even greater optimism in the year 2016.  Also we’re doing so; we are planning intensivly othe next year and will start motivated and powerfully in the next year.
But today I read an article that made thoughtful. What if we simply take the  time to stop for a moment and take  a look  of  where we stand  right now. Have we achieved our goals? Are our customers satisfied? What do we want to do better next year? And I do not mean the pure sales figures, but  to review the past. Allow yourself a moment of rest. Enjoy together with your team what you’ve done  and be happy about the good cooperation with your customers, suppliers and partners..
In business  usually there does not remain for these kind of toughts , because for all of us the planning  for the coming year is very important. We need to set goals and strive to achieve them. And we all want better economic times. We have to deal with big tasks and challenges and  are look forward powerfully to achive them.
But we  will nevertheless take  this moment of thankful  thoughts. We  hold on, reflect, and are grateful for your loyalty and solidarity. We wish you   in these hectic times  a moment of calm and reflection.
Finally, we would like to wish you and your families a wonderful Christmas and a great start in  the year 2016.
Best Wishes
Claudia Münster and your LPC Team