There will be no big change in 2017.

To cut a long story short, the unanimous forecast of all those who should  know it – the analysts’ and experts’: for 2017  they are cautiously optimistic. The VDMA expects very slight increases. But there will be no kick-off to a clear economic upturn.

Forecasts of this kind do not make us as business people happy, of course; They collide with one of our primary goals: sales growth and profit maximization.

The exciting question is therefore logical: How can a company increase sales and profit, with the same market situation and declining margins? A variant would be to continue as usual and hope for better times.

  “The definition of madness is to always do the same and to expect different results.” – Albert Einstein

And as usual, good old Einstein hits the mark. In such a market situation, it is recommendable to move, develop new ideas, review and optimize processes and procedures. Just turn to the broom. Because in such a subdued market situation the conquest of new market segments opens up the possibility of gaining new or more shares in the value chain.

These are not the findings of the century, but profound foundations of the market. And they work.

It does not necessarily have to be a completely new product, which you bring into the market. Sometimes it is simply a few exciting custom-made product or a subsidiary need of your customer who would like to place several needs together. Just as people like to place a traffic problem with their business laywer, simply because it is easier.

In the past year, we have very often delivered so-called specialties in addition to the usual need of flanges  to our customers’. All of these orders had in common that it was not known to this customer that we could also supply or manufacture other products than serial flanges. Just by accident we talked about this and learn about their need. Of course, to our great pleasure.

And that is why one of our goals for 2017 is:

We want to listen to you more!

We would like to know at which point in your procurement process we can support you – in addition to our core competency.

And just because pictures can express more than 1,000 words, we have compiled a small gallery of our product groups for you.

So if you are looking for a competent partner for your checkered lily of the valley, let us talk to each other. And if we can not help you, we might know someone who can and we would like to give you a recommendation.
 hter macht. So wie Menschen bei ihrem Haus- und Hofadvokaten gern auch mal eine Verkehrssache platzieren, weil es eben einfacher ist.


Greetings from Bremen – take care

Yours  Claudia Münster