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Price developments in recent years and the fierce battle for market share have forced many wholesalers and end customers to change their purchasing practices.


For some companies, the purchase of pipe fittings from an importer, such as LPC, is no longer feasible for simple price reasons. In the past, direct purchasing in China was hardly possible for small and medium-sized companies without the appropriate special departments, so that only the way of cheap purchasing via the importer remained. Meanwhile, direct import from China is no longer a privilege of the big ones or the initiated – it is open to everyone.


However, this path is laborious and full of stumbling blocks. From the selection of permissible suppliers, the assurance of quality standards to communication and import, there are numerous hurdles that cost your time and money and can drive you to despair. Contractually agreed delivery times are not adhered to, contract conditions are repeatedly renegotiated, quality standards are not adhered to, communication is bumpy or there is no feedback, complaints are not recognized and many other surprises await you in business with Chinese manufacturers.


We have been working with Chinese pipe joint manufacturers for more than three decades and have purchased flanges and forgings worth more than 50 million EURO in China. We have had to overcome just about every hurdle that the import can pose. In the meantime, we have built up an extensive and trustworthy network in China and gained invaluable expertise and market knowledge.

Benefit from our know-how and save time, money and nerves. We support you in developing your business in China, e.g. with

  • Premium full service
  • Supplier selection
  • Import handling
  • Inhouse workshops, training

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